ApplicationLoader Class Reference

An Acmx.Acad.Connectivity based application loader. More...

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Public Member Functions

void Initialize ()
 Is called by Acad runtime only.
void Terminate ()
 Is called by Acad runtime only.

Protected Member Functions

 ApplicationLoader (Assembly[] configuration)
 Protected constructor.

Detailed Description

An Acmx.Acad.Connectivity based application loader.

A descendant of this class should be defined in your application assembly as follows:

---declaring attribute to designate the loader class
            [assembly: ExtensionApplication(typeof(Acmx.Tests.AL))]
---custom namespace
            namespace Acmx.Tests
---loader class         
                        public class AL : ApplicationLoader
                                public AL()
                                        : base(
---an array of cusom application assemblies
                                                new Assembly[] { 
                                                typeof(EdgeEnum).Assembly })
                                { }
Here an object of the class AL will be created at the application loading moment by Acmx runtime. AL class should pass all the application constituting assemblies to the constructor of ApplicationLoader. This is needed for Acmx runtime to find out its extentions in these assemblies.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ApplicationLoader Assembly[]  configuration  )  [protected]

Protected constructor.

configuration An application constituting assemblies array. The extention classes ( e.g. Acmx.Acad.Connectivity.Public.Classes.ApplicationModel.Extentions.ApplicationExtention descendants ) will be instantiated from these assemblies at th application initialization moment and then the application will be created in this configuration.

Member Function Documentation

void Initialize  ) 

Is called by Acad runtime only.

void Terminate  ) 

Is called by Acad runtime only.

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