Acmx.AcadConnectivity documentation Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ApplicationLoaderAn Acmx.Acad.Connectivity based application loader
ApplicationProviderA singletone class which provides the IApplication interface
ContextMenuItemAdds an item in the Acad default or object context menu
DocumentCommand//---a concrete command public class SyncCommand : DocumentCommand { ---command name public const string NAME = "ACMX_DMSYNC"; ---declaration of command method [Adr.CommandMethodAttribute(NAME, Adr.CommandFlags.Transparent)] public void Command() { using (Adb.Transaction ta = Document.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()) { Document.SetProperty("prop1name", "prop1value"); ta.Commit(); } } }
ElementServiceThe abstract base class for all element services introduced in this assembly or in the custom extention assemblies
ElementService.FactoryElementService factory class
NamedPropertiesServiceA concrete element service assotiating an arbitrary set of persistent properties to the Acad entities
XElementServiceA base class for the element services with a persistent to DWG state
XElementService.FactoryXElementService factory
ApplicationExtentionAn Acmx.Acad.Connectivity application extention base class
XElementServiceDataThis is a data class for XElementService class and its descendant classes
ProgressMeterAcad status bar progressmeter wrapper
IDocumentCommandAn acad document console command wrapper interface
IElementServiceAn interface for the ElementService class
INamedPropertiesServiceAn interface for the NamedPropertiesService class
IApplicationExtentionAn application extention base interface
IApplicationExtentionsDictionaryAn application extentions container interface
IApplicationAcmx.Acad.Connectivity application interface
IDocumentA wrapper for acad document interface
IDocumentsCollectionA documents collection interface
IElementAn element interface
IElementsCollectionAn elements container interface
ILayerAn acad layer wrapper interface
ILayersCollectionA layer wrappers collection interface
ILayoutAn acad layout wrapper interface
ILayoutsCollectionA layout wrappers collection interface
IXElementServiceDataAn interface for the XElementServiceData class

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