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Acmx.Acad.Connectivity application interface. More...

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IDocumentsCollection Documents
 Documents wrappers container.
IApplicationExtentionsDictionary Extentions
 Application extentions container.

Detailed Description

Acmx.Acad.Connectivity application interface.

Plays the next roles: 1) An Acad application wrapper. Adapts Autodesk.AutoCAD.Interop.AcadApplication object. 2) An application tree root (its`children are documents, layouts etc. wrappers). 3) A set of its own extentions This interface is obtained the next way:

            using Acmx.Acad.Connectivity.Public.Interfaces.ApplicationModel;
            using Acmx.Acad.Connectivity.Public.Classes.ApplicationModel;
--getting the interface
            IApplication iapp =ApplicationProvider.Instance.Get();

Property Documentation

IDocumentsCollection Documents [get]

Documents wrappers container.

IApplicationExtentionsDictionary Extentions [get]

Application extentions container.

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